Reliable and customer-oriented.
Precise right down to the finished size

We machine all the shapes and sizes we forge in-house right down to the finished size. This saves you time and gives you the certainty that your order is dealt with by a single source right from the start to the delivery.

Flexibility and quality

The large number of machines and options we have in-house provide for a high degree of flexibility. We offer you a complete range of products from a single source. These are manufactured along the entire production path with the same aspiration for high quality.

  • Turning
    • Max. diameter: 1,800 mm
    • Largest turning height: 900 mm
    • Max. turning length: 15,000 mm
    • Max. piece weight: 10 tonnes
  • Milling
    • Lengths up to 10,000 mm
    • Widths up to 1,000 mm
    • Heights up to 1,800 mm
    • Max. piece weight: 8 tonnes
  • Drilling
    • Max. length up to 6,00 mm
    • Centric and eccentric holes
  • Maesureing
    • Max. diameter: 1,500 mm, 0.01 mm